Youtube Thumbnail Downloader

If you were asked to list the top 3 video downloader apps, what will your list contain? What will come first on the list? I guess YouTube Thumbnail Downloader will top the list. With this apk, you can have access to fantastic media files including videos and audios in your mobile device. It avail users’ with a lot of extra and possibilities features apart from just playing. The latest update is 1.0 free download and installation available to all users of Android devices supporting this version. In this blog, we are going to discuss in details some basic features of this apk. Let us begin…

To begin with, it is important that you know the app is available for download free of charge, just as we mentioned earlier. In fact, the app does not require too much space to run and so you can conveniently have access to it. There are so many reasons why you need to consider this as an alternative to other apps offering the same services. While the convenience of usage is among the outstanding features of this app, there are other basic features that make it exceptional.

Basic Features of YouTube Thumbnail Downloader APK

  • It is ad-free. It is interesting that the app is available for free and again it is ad-free. You will have all the convenience while using the app.
  • With this app, you can not only save but also share and search a thumbnail along with frames in YouTube video usage. You will be able to share media files from YouTube or open them from a browser. In addition, you can also search for video through a built-in tool. Besides, the thumbnail will be automatically saved upon loading. What is more, you can share thumbnail to different applications. The thumbnail search in Google Images search gets saved in your download folder.
  • As we mentioned earlier, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader APK is not too large.
  • It is a user-friendly and quite easy to use compared to other apps.

From these features, it appears as though the app very fantastic. But is that it? Well, the app is good and has at least 4, 771 user reviews on Google. However, it has an average of 4.0-star rating and this a cause of alarm. This rating only implies that a good number of users were not satisfied with its features. While it may be argued that a 4.0-star is a high rating, it is worth to remember that it is only from 4, 771 users. What about those who downloaded, got disappointed and never wanted to bother themselves rating it? At this level, a 4.5-star rating would have been good. Well, we can have a brief overview of the reviews on Google to make an informed judgment here.

User Reviews

As outlined in the preceding section, the app has an average of 4.0-star rating on Google. This an average from a total of 4,771 users. Let us look at a few reviews from users…

The latest review from a user is dated June 11, 2019. The user gave it a 5-star rating, saying that it helped him download the videos he had tried downloading using at least 10 different apps in vain. The user expresses the desire to see the app getting even better with time. This review attracted 30 likes. From this, we can say it had an outstanding performance. Another positive came was dated on May 9, 2019, also a 5-star rating. The user said it is a nice one when it comes to downloading YouTube thumbnails. The review attracted a total of 54 likes. We can also say some users had exceptional experiences as well.

Nevertheless, there are also some negative reviews we cannot fail to mention. The most critical and the latest one is dated May 17, 2019. The user says it is the worst app and that he had tried downloading a video but only ends up with an image instead. Surprisingly, this review attracted a total of 57 likes. This a bad sign and implies a lot of dissatisfactions. We can say it never met the expectations of some users. Another critical review is dated June 8, 2019. This is from a user who feels the app is not even worth a 1-star rating. Sounds harsh! The user goes ahead to state that it is a total waste and wonders why Google Play Store gives room for such a worthless app. This review attracted a total of 9 likes. It is followed by three other 1-star ratings with a total of 33 likes before two it gets two 5-star ratings.

In light of the above, which judgment can you make? Evidently, the app has both positive and negative reviews. Unfortunately, we did not see any positive rating from the developers.

The Bottom Line

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader has a lot of attractive features. Nevertheless, a number of users are not satisfied with it. A good number of users complain that the app only downloads images rather than videos. A good app should focus on the high level of user experience. For this reason, it is very fitting to conclude that the app needs to be improved.